Eliza's dramatic NEW music video "LOOK AWAY"!!! It's her acting debut in this fictional tale of a life out of control & the ultimate price!


Winner of "BEST MUSIC VIDEO" by the Laughlin International Film Festival (2014) 


Industry Magazine interviews ELIZA about winning BEST MUSIC VIDEO!


Eliza, [aka: Lizann Warner], is a vocalist and composer from Los Angeles California. Her songs, featuring no shortage of infectious hooks, blend EDM, Pop, and Trance influences with a retro 80's new wave flavor...creating a unique and theatrical blend of melodies and textures that have been compared to Lady Gaga, Ellie Goulding, Madonna, & Duran Duran.

Never formally trained, Eliza is a self-taught musician & composer, whose God-given musical gifts and vivacious stage persona leaves an ever-lasting impression on everyone who is fortunate enough to witness her live performances.

At the tender age of four, Eliza [pronounced "Eh-lee-zah"], first began singing with her mother, a talented vocalist and pianist who - Like Eliza - could not read music, and played completely "by ear".  Eliza, who was uncertain of her direction at the time, studied a variety of subjects which included art, drama, choir, & ballet. During her senior year in high school, she was spotted by the coral director of the distinguished Whittier College, who tutored her privately in classical music & opera -  despite the fact that she couldn't read the sheet music! This was when Eliza began looking more seriously at a career as a vocalist.

During her sophomore year in college, Eliza gravitated to like-minded musical souls, and amidst this creative climate began writing and experimenting with various vocal and popular music styles. She formed several bands, and went on to enjoy a successful career as both a live performer and as a studio session vocalist, with a unique ability to alter her voice in a multitude of ways to mimic a variety of artists and genres. Soon she was garnering professional session gigs, and her voice was featured on several TV commercial jingles including a popular ad for Sandals Resorts ["My Blue Heaven"], which aired on all major television networks including CNN, MSNBC, & the FOX News channel, and a fun jingle which included a co-writing credit for “Flipout” footwear: Flipout Footwear Ad.

Eliza’s vocal talents landed her placements on several video games as well, including 2 tracks on Activision's Guitar Hero 3, singing: "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" & "Barracuda" well as the Konami game "Rock Revolution", where she sang hits; "Kiss Me Deadly", "Bad Reputation", and "Magic Man".

Ever-seeking to stretch beyond any and all boundaries, Eliza decided she was going to try her hand at creating her own music, after watching a producer working a ProTools session in the studio one day. So she purchased the software, and soon embarked on her musical journey with nothing more than on-line tutorials to guide her. Her determination paid off, when in just a few short months she had completed 5 songs that were surprisingly strong, and reflected many of her musical influences. Now adding many more songs and the title of “Composer” to her impressive list of credentials, Eliza is enjoying her new musical direction. She was especially thrilled when her very first music video featuring her single "Look Away", won the award for BEST MUSIC VIDEO at the Laughlin International Film Festival!  Currently finishing her album: “Anything Can Happen” ...Eliza's future is bright, and filled with aspirations for even bigger and greater things. Because like the title implies, with Eliza...ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!!!


Eliza's music is quickly spreading around the globe; Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, New Zealand & even in Tokyo! Her tracks; "Murder", "The Beat", "Invisible", "Look Away", & "Satellite", are getting airplay on stations such as: JANGO Radio , UNIR1 Radio,  Songwriters Webcast with David Mobley, Empower Radio , SKOPE Radio , Starlight Radio New Zealand , Indy 104 -iRadio LA , The Independent music Show with Tom Lambert, on Knot FM, Extreme Jams radio, Radio Stafford 103 - UK, The Electric Eclectic with DJ Strangeman Voices [ AKA:Jimmy Dukelow ] plus regular airplay on the outrageous Friday morning show called "WTF?" [What The Friday?] on InterFM 106.7 FM in Tokyo, Japan! More news on airplay plus Eliza's LIVE appearances coming SOON, so keep listening and keep coming back to Eliza’s website for the latest updates!!!